Travel Policy


The IPA pays for several hundred international trips every year; the overwhelming majority of these take place without incident. But occasionally something can go wrong and we want you to be prepared.

You are advised to consult official sources for up-to-date information on safety and security, entry requirements (like visas), and health. Sources in your home country can provide information on requirements specific to you: you should comply with official travel advice at all times.

The IPA is incorporated in England so we must also pay attention to the UK government's travel advice, which is available from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Unless you have the consent of the IPA Executive Committee, you may not travel on IPA business to any region where the UK government advice is not to travel; the IPA will not accept any responsibility if you choose to travel against the advice of either your home government or the UK government.

Airlines which have been refused permission to enter airspace controlled by the CAA, FAA, European or other safety authorities may not be used for IPA flights unless there is an emergency or no reasonable alternative exists.


The IPA does not provide travel insurance and it is the responsibility of any IPA Members travelling on IPA business to ensure they have a travel insurance policy that covers all the main travel risks (including, eg, medical insurance, repatriation, etc).

Members often take computers and mobile phones when travelling on business, and some insurance policies don't cover all these; you should make sure you are properly insured.


If you have booked your travel through the IPA’s travel agent – Corporate Traveller – there is a 24-hour helpline that can be contacted in case of any travel delays, missed connections, etc. This helpline is NOT available if you have booked your travel by any other means. Telephone from outside the UK: +44 208 605 9840

You should ensure that all necessary parties (eg, the hosts in the destination country, next of kin, etc) have contact details and an outline of your itinerary.

You should make a note of contact details for your country's consular services in the city you are visiting.


The IPA’s policy on the reimbursement of expenses is in the Procedural Code here:

The IPA is a member-supported organization with charitable status, and aims to spend the smallest reasonable amount of money on travel, accommodation and food. Equally, the IPA recognizes that members work for the IPA voluntarily and often at some personal cost, and believe that no-one should find themselves out of pocket as a result of carrying out authorised IPA business.


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