Policy on Conferences

1.  The objective of this policy is to make appropriate provision for funding assistance for conferences of various kinds, and to provide procedural guidance to all those IPA members involved in conference organization. This policy is not applicable to working meetings of committee members.

Policy on Conference Funding
2. There are 3 main types of conference:
a)Conferences held by IPA committees according to their mandates.
These are specific IPA conferences requiring substantial organisation and IPA funding. They are specifically to benefit members and are free or charge minimal fees to IPA members, but may charge fees to non-IPA members. The IPA assumes the risk and will takes any profit.

b) IPA Committees holding conferences as part of their activities.
This includes COWAP and similar committees. These conferences will have been planned and included in the year’s budget showing gross income and expenditure for the conference from all sources. They often have third party involvement, for instance an IPA Society.  Funding comes from the relevant approved budget. Risk will usually be shared by the Committee and the third party but this must be confirmed in writing in advance.

c) Approaches from individuals or organisations not part of the IPA committee structure.
Where external parties wish to have an IPA imprimatur on their conference, we will lend our name and logo only with a written agreement that states that the IPA bears no liability and the other party takes all the risk and any profit.

3. Conferences under 2a) are planned according to the IPA budget for the year. When presented at the beginning of the budget process, they are required to show estimated income and expenditure. They may be co-sponsored with other organisations, but usually are the sole responsibility of an IPA Committee. IPA reimbursement policies apply. The IPA must be shown as the major sponsor on all literature, and in a prominent position. After the conference, the organisers are to supply the Central Office with a list of participants with their addresses.

4. Conferences under 2b)  should be designed to be self-supporting. When presented at the beginning of the budget process, they are required to show full details of estimated income and expenditure. The IPA agrees to pay for specific agreed expenditure only, which is usually committee travel costs, and the committee usually has an external partner assuming the risks and rewards. The IPA agrees to fund only its agreed conference costs with the external body responsible for the remaining costs. A written agreement is required to be signed by the external body explicitly limiting the IPA liability. Future funding for such committee conferences requires full accounts from the previous conference, together with a list of participants including their addresses. The conference organisers are to show the IPA as a major sponsor as described in 3 above.

5. Approaches from other individuals or organisations under 2c) will be conferences that  are IPA branded, but with no IPA risk. It will require a written agreement confirming that the IPA bears no liability and details of how the logo can be used and where the logo should be displayed.

6. The IPA Board will consider and must approve all conference requests through the normal budget cycle. Those requests that meet current IPA policy, requirements and objectives, and are approved, will be entitled to funding using standard IPA reimbursement policies.

7.  All conferences must go through the normal IPA budget process. They are required to show estimated income and expenditure accounts to be considered for funding.

8. The IPA may offer to provide free of charge, emailing of newsletters  either for all members in that geographic region, or for all IPA members registered as receiving that language newsletter.  The IPA may also promote the conference on its website, or host the registration page and collect the registration fee.

9. The IPA is also prepared to supply its registration template and logo design guidelines to the organisers for approved conferences.

10. The IPA will require a written undertaking from the organisers and any associated organisation that the IPA is not liable in any way for losses or other actions or events that take place during the supported conference.


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