This policy seeks to outline the guidelines and practices that govern decisions on Intangible Assets Management at the IPA to ensure that intangible assets are identified, recorded in accounting records, and are used for the charity’s purposes.

This Intangible Assets Management Policy applies to all intangible assets owned by the IPA including but not limited to Rights to website content, Copyrights, Licences, Intellectual property, and Domain names. This policy applies to trustees, IPA committee members, and all staff.

The IPA creates a wide range of website content including downloadable webinars, podcasts, and presentations. The intent of this policy is to ensure trustees, IPA committee members, and all staff are aligned with the goals of the IPA as they relate to intangible assets management and to ensure assets are managed such that they are used for the charity’s purposes and maximise member benefits.

Policy statement
The trustees have a duty to safeguard the assets of the charity from loss or damage and to ensure their proper use within the charity. This policy states that:

  • a list or register should be maintained of all intangible assets whether internally generated or purchased by, or donated to, the charity for its continuing use. This record should show the cost (or value) of the asset and provide sufficient detail to enable an asset to be identified.

  • for internally generated intangible assets the list should include details of the asset type, website location and number of downloads (total since first made available and in the last year).

  • the Head of Finance should ensure that the list or register is updated annually.

  • any disposal, sale, lease, hire or other transfer of Rights of any intangible asset outside the IPA must be done in such a way that the benefits to the IPA are equal or greater than the deemed value of the asset.

  • the IPA prefers non-exclusive licensing when entering agreements (as opposed to outright sale).

  • an appropriate authorisation process is implemented for any such disposal, sale, lease, hire or other transfer of Rights of any intangible assets outside the IPA. Any such transaction is recorded in accounting records and the intangible assets register.

The roles and responsibilities for executing this policy include the following:

  • the Board is responsible for approving this Intangible Assets Management Policy.

  • departmental managers are responsible for leading the adoption of this policy within their departments and allocating appropriate resources to its implementation.

  • all staff involved in the application of asset management are responsible for observing the requirements of this policy.


Change Log

Approved by the Board, July 2021


*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.