IPSO Members on IPA Committees

1) The IPA President, in consultation with the IPA’s Executive Committee, determines the Committees that may have Candidate participation.

2) Some members of the IPSO Executive Committee also serve on the IPA-IPSO Relations Committee.

Appointment procedures

3) IPSO will put forward to the IPA President the names of candidates who are interested in serving on IPA Committees. It is IPSO's responsibility to ensure that the names put forward have already indicated a willingness to serve if appointed and that they are aware that the appointment must be put to the IPA Board before any official appointment can be made. IPSO will also provide a short biography of approximately 4 sentences on each candidate proposed.

4) The President will inform the relevant Committee Chairs after a candidate is selected.

5) Once approved by the IPA President, Vice President and Treasurer, the appointment/s will be presented to the Board in the usual way.

6) The IPSO member of an IPA committee is a full voting member of that committee. As with all IPA committees, it will be assumed that the IPSO member has automatically resigned at the close of the appointing President’s administration (and, as with all committee appointments, any re-appointment to be subject to a decision by the IPA President).

7) IPSO Candidates who are members of IPA Committees will have any expenses related to committee work reimbursed by the IPA according to the IPA’s current reimbursement policies. The exception will be the IPA-IPSO Relations Committee, where IPSO will be expected to cover expenses related to the participation of the members of its Executive Committee.

IPSO at the Congress

8) The IPA manages the Call for Proposals and scheduling of the IPSO sessions at the Congress in liaison with IPSO. The IPA also manages all registrations for the IPSO sessions at the Congress. IPSO is given 10% of all money taken from candidate registrations to the Congress. This money is paid to IPSO after the audit for that Congress is complete.

9) In recognition of IPSO combining its programme with the IPA Congress and thus forfeiting the income provided by the previously separate IPSO pre-congress, the IPA will make an annual grant to IPSO (this was set at $10,000 per year in the first year of payment, 2003). This money is paid to IPSO in July of each year.

10) The IPSO Executive Committee is entitled to send an IPSO member as a representative to attend the President’s meeting at the IPA Congress, except any part of that meeting otherwise designated by the IPA President.

Inclusion of Candidates and IPSO in the IPA Roster/Database

11) The IPA’s online Roster includes a register of candidates. The IPA online Roster includes IPSO member data that IPSO collects and forwards to the IPA office. Non- IPSO IPA candidate data is also included and collected by the IPA office from IPA Institutes. This data is managed under the same Data Protection Policy adhered to by the IPA. The IPA financially supports the inclusion of the IPSO officers and candidates in the IPA Roster.


12) The IPA’s e-Newsletter is circulated to all IPSO candidates listed on the IPA’s database. The IPA will also make the IPSO e-Newsletter available on the IPA website and IPSO will make the IPA e-Newsletter available on the IPSO website.

E-mail service

13) The IPA office will facilitate IPSO’s email communication with IPSO Members and non-IPSO Candidates. It also provides and maintains email accounts for the IPSO Board.

Change Log

Agreed by the Council in January 2003:  Monetary sums mentioned in paragraph 8 & 9.  Roster/database inclusion and e. Newsmagazine circulation.

Approved by Excom Nov. 2009.

The IPA Board suspended the current policy regarding IPSO Candidates in the online Roster at its meeting in January 2013, and deferred a further decision on this matter until the July 2013 Prague meeting. At the July 2013 meeting, the Board agreed that the IPA Roster would consist of two separate lists – one of members and one of Candidates – with each component society deciding whether or not Candidates should be included.

Deletion of the Budget and Finance Committee from the list of Committees that may have Candidate participation proposed and approved by the Executive Committee on 19 January 2013.

Inclusion of IPSO representative on the e-Newsletter Committee and the Outreach Committee and inclusion of IPSO representative at the President’s meeting and deletion of phrase “by e-mail” from Paragraph 5 proposed by ExCom and approved by the Board in January 2013.

Replaced the term “Secretary General” with “Vice President” throughout – approved by the Board April 2014.

Removal of the term "Broomhills" – approved by the Board January 2017.

Removal of the list of specific committees from paragraph 1, and other revisions – approved by the Board January 2018. 

Revisions to paragraphs 12 and 13 – approved by the Board June 2018.

*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.