Fundraising Policy

1. Any staff support necessary for fundraising should be provided by current staff e.g the Executive Director or Head of Membership Services.

2. The IPA should maintain vigilance for suitable opportunities for fundraising from Foundations or other institutional sources such as the European Union. Where such opportunities are identified specialist freelance consultants in each market area should be contracted to assist with the increasingly complex application procedures and advice on the likely results. If any likely opportunities are identified, the IPA should budget for in depth research and the production of applications.

3. The IPA should continue to run an annual fundraising appeal to the Membership. The topic should be proposed by the Executive Committee to the Board’s January meeting where possible.

4. The IPA should continue to seek sponsorship for its Congresses. This role will be led by staff but IPA Committees such as the Local Arrangements Committee should also play a key role in identifying opportunities and making contacts.


Change Log

Approved by the Board July 2009
*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.