Financial Procedures: Payments to IPA Members (Other than Reimbursement of Expenses)


General Principles


1) The IPA is an English charity. Under charity law, and with only very limited exceptions, no trustee (ie, none of the officers, and no Member of the Board of Representatives) may receive any payment for work undertaken for the IPA, other than reimbursement of reasonable expenses which were wholly and necessarily incurred in carrying out their IPA duties. In general, charity law is founded on an expectation that the members of a charity will also not be paid for their time but will be volunteers.


2) This law is given form in our Financial Procedures: Reimbursement, which state:

The general principles [of the IPA reimbursement policy] are that no-one should find themselves out of pocket as a result of carrying out authorised business for the IPA, and nor should anyone be enriched by receiving money that is in excess of the actual amount they have had to spend (taking account of any other funding they may have received from other bodies). Therefore reasonable and authorised expenditure incurred wholly and necessarily on behalf of the IPA will be reimbursed.


3) It has long been the IPA policy that IPA Members should not be paid (other than having their actual and reasonable expenses reimbursed) for carrying out work for the IPA. The IPA is a membership organisation, and we hope that all Members would be willing to offer their time to support their professional organisation.


Payments to Members


4) Unless specifically authorised by the Treasurer, the IPA will not make any payments for the time of any Member who is engaged in analytically-related work including mentoring.


5) Unless specifically authorised by the Treasurer, the IPA will not pay for the time of any Member who is engaged in any IPA work – including research or research-related activity, publications (whether paper-based or electronic), or other communication activity.


6) Where a Member has a professional skill (other than a psychoanalysis-related skill) which is required by the IPA (for example, where an IPA Member who is also a qualified lawyer is required to sit as the Chair of an Appeal Body relating to a professional discipline matter), the Treasurer may in exceptional circumstances authorise a payment for all or part of the time required.


Payments to Members in local currencies


7) Some people are IPA Members by virtue of their membership of a component society which is located in a country where the government has imposed exchange controls. In those cases, where the IPA has membership dues trapped in the local currency in that country, the IPA will reimburse that Member for any expenses, or make payments for any grants awarded, only in the local currency.


8) Where there is doubt as to whether or not the official exchange rate is an accurate reflection of the actual exchange rate, the Treasurer may authorise the use of a different exchange rate (or, in the case of a conflict of interest for the Treasurer, the Vice President).


9) In exceptional circumstances and where there is good reason for doing so, the Treasurer is authorised to make some or all these payments in other currencies and to other territories.


Change Log
Approved by the Board January 2014

*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.