Procedures and Criteria for Election of Honorary Officers

Procedures for Election to Honorary Officer
1.  Any recommendations for election to the status of IPA Honorary Officer (as provided in the Rules, Rule. 7, section C) are to be forwarded to the Executive Committee for review. 

2. The Board is notified of the proposal which is placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board.

3. If the Board approves, the name of the proposed Honorary Officer is placed on the agenda of the next Business Meeting and also posted on the Notice Board at least 48 hours before the Business Meeting.

4. The vote at the Business Meeting shall be by a show of appropriate voting cards, requiring a simple majority of those voting to attain approval. 

Criteria for Election to Honorary Officer
5. Members of the IPA are eligible for consideration for election as Honorary Officer providing that their work both scientifically and organisationally is internationally recognised to be extraordinary.  Holding elected or appointed office for a period of time is insufficient since the honour is intended to recognise the person of truly exceptional international status and service.

6. Members may be considered for election only following a minimum of ten years after the completion of elected or appointed Board office.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Honorary Officers
7. All Honorary Officers are welcome to attend meetings of the Board and will be sent the Board meeting material by e.mail prior to the meetings.

8.  All Past Presidents and Honorary Officers will be Members of a Blue Ribbon panel which the Executive Committee or Board may consult concerning matters of a historical nature.

9. The President and/or Board on occasion may request that Honorary Officers perform special services.  Only expenses incurred in the performance of such services shall be reimbursed according to the current provisions for reimbursement in the Finances section of the Procedural Code.

Change Log
Approved by the Executive Council 27th July 1999, Santiago
Addition of Blue Ribbon panel approved by the Board January 2009


*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.