Education and Oversight Procedures


1. The Board established an Oversight function in relation to all psychoanalytic training in its Component and Provisional Societies at its meetings in 2006 and 2007; based on the principle of maintaining the integrity of the three training models established at that date – the Eitingon, French and Uruguayan [see : Requirements for Qualification and Admission to Membership].

2. In January 2008, the Board established the mandate of the Education and Oversight Committee. A central function of the committee is to pursue and deepen the study of the three educational models so as to identify those requirements which are essential and those which are contingent. Its Oversight responsibilities are the following:
a. To gather comprehensive information and data from Constituent Organizations on:
- the Model adhered to
- specific educational practices employed
b. To enter into active dialogue with Constituent Organizations with the aim of providing an IPA input to and oversight of their training process
c. To provide advice and consultation on request to Constituent Organizations
d. To ensure mutual collaboration between Constituent Organizations and the IPA to safeguard requirements of training in accordance with the IPA Procedural Code

Procedures in the Transitional period.

3. The Board’s Oversight function is now in a transitional phase and will remain so until the Education and Oversight Committee proposes a more precise procedural code entry to the Board, provisionally by July 2009.

4. During this time all Constituent Organizations are asked formally to reflect on and discuss the specific central features of their training models and to maintain or even tighten their integrity. Constituent Organizations should conduct such reflection in liaison with the oversight committee.

5. If during this phase Constituent Organizations wish to make formal changes to what they do, which might alter key features of their model, they should work out the details of their intentions and invite the Education and Oversight Committee to explore the likely consequences and to advise. In these circumstances the Education and Oversight Committee will normally enter into an appropriate dialogue with the Constituent Organization, prior to making any recommendation for changes to be formalized, or not, to the IPA Board.

6. The final decision in all matters of changing or modifying models by Constituent Organizations rests with the IPA Board.


Change Log

Approved by the Board July 2008

In this interim period the Education and Oversight Committee and the Board should be mindful of the following statements approved by the Board in July 2007: 1) Single training institutes not being allowed to operate more than one training model 2) The Board will consider each and every application on its merits prior to determining its decision, taking into account that under specific circumstances it could allow a single Component Society to operate more than one model within different multiple institutes under its auspices.


*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.